About Us

Integer was established in 2012 by Tal Eloya. Tal has 15 years of investment experience. Tal is supported by a team of analysts. Prior to founding Integer, Tal worked at Fidelity Investments for eight years, both as a portfolio manager and as an analyst. Prior to Fidelity, Tal worked as an analyst at Merrill Lynch for two years.

In his last role with Fidelity, Tal managed the Fidelity Global Financials Fund between 2008 and 2010, during the financial crisis. Tal has managed to avoid all the banks which have failed during that period. The fund’s performance was top decile compared to its peers. The fund won several Morningstar and Lipper awards for consistently strong risk adjusted performance during his tenure. Tal’s performance exceeded that of 94% of all Fidelity’s funds during his tenure.

Tal also covered the Industrial and Healthcare Sectors for Fidelity. Tal was voted as number 1 Buy-Side Industrial Analyst in Europe by Thomson Extel Survey in 2005. At Merrill Lynch, Tal was a Technology analyst. His team was ranked top 3 by Institutional Investor Magazine.

Tal holds an MBA from University of Chicago with a concentration in Finance; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Tel-Aviv University and a Law Degree from Tel-Aviv University.